Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Youth Xtend Collection is Artistry’s first product line to come in its new signature Crescendo packaging and a new global face, Australian screen actress Teresa Palmer – both of which epitomizes the brand’s feature of elegance and sophistication.

The Youth Xtend collection also underscores Artistry ‘Forward Beauty’ positioning and commitment to the most advanced research and technology yielding clinically tested results.

1. Reprogram
Clinically tested to deliver results in just one week, Youth Xtend formulation stemmed from intensive study on the topic of longevity research and Sirtuin activity –critical for slowing down the aging process. Developed to address the earliest signs of age, it combines a threefold approach beginning with a patent-pending botanical extract – LifeSirt – derived from Mediterranean Myrtle, known for its skin rejuvenating properties that helps reprogram the future of skin via the benefits of LifeSirt by extending the lifespan of healthy skin cells.
2. Repairs
Thereafter, it repairs skin’s existing damage by utilizing the exclusive Micro X-6 Peptide (protein) technology to target fine lines and wrinkles while helping to boost collagen.
3. Protects
Rounding up the formula is a nutrient-rich extract from the fruit of the African Baobab Tree (known in Africa as the “Tree of Life”), along with Acerola Cherry and Black Currant, which protects skin against future damange with protective antioxidants plus soothing and moisturizing benefits to sustain skin’s vibrancy.

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